Pods Experience Not As Planned

A customer ordered a Pod around June 2022, and after the wrong one was delivered in Florida, the (possibly) correct one was delivered, but the door is still stuck, and sitting in a driveway accruing rent charges as of August 22, 2022.

First the empty Pod was delivered during a time frame, but without contact with the mover, and placed in incorrect location.

Then there was a latch problem, causing movers to be delayed in loading the unit.

After repair, the Pod was picked up in Nevada, and sent on its way... expected in Florida...

However apparently Pods delivered the WRONG Pod to destination in Florida. The unit had a different lock, and a different customer name on tag.

Wrong Pod Delivered in Driveway Wrong Customer's Pod Delivered

Pods would not acknowledge that the wrong pod was delivered, or confirm where the customer's Pod was.

After a week or so, a Pod with the customers name appeared in the driveway, replacing the Pod with another customer's name.

However the door was stuck. The customer called by phone, and sent letters and emails, and supposedly 2 appointments were made to open the door, but no phone call, text, nor email was received to help correct this, and the Pod is still stuck in the driveway, baking in the Florida heat as of August 22.

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